Ali Campbell (UB40) & The Dep Band Stay at the hotel

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With the hotel just about to open and Ali Campbell, the former lead singer of UB40 about to play a concert in Dubai what better opportunity then to have Ali Campbell and The Dep Band come and be the first guests at the hotel. With UB40 having sold over 70million records this was the chance to get an internationally famed artist to stay and sample what the hotel had to offer and also to bring publicity to the hotel. The band arrived early in the morning of the 27th after being picked up at Dubai International airport.2016-07-04_17-13-14

The Press Conference for Ali Campbell took place at 1pm with the set up done to reflect that it was a musician being asked the questions. Mr. Campbell was sat in front of the stage with Mr. Jahng, Asian Hotel General Manager and Dave Cattanach, Aviation Club Food & Beverage Manager. The stage had been set up with a musical set with 2 Asiana Hotel pop-up banners to the right and left of the table where the three gentlemen had been sitting with the press located to the front in casual seating. There was a cameraman at the location with various editors and journalists from different magazines and newspapers all ready to take in what Mr. Campbell had to say whilst also viewing the venue where the press conference was taking place.

Ali Campbell stated how he enjoys Dubai and that it is the 10th time he has been here. He explained about the music he played with UB40 and the music he now plays stating that he has much more freedom with his work now. Mr. M.S. Jahng, general manager of Asiana hotel expressed his joy of welcoming Ali Campbell and the team: “I grew up in Korea listening to the music of UB 40. It accompanied me all through my college years too,” Mr. Jahng said.

The hotel was then explained to be the first deluxe Asian themed hotel in the region and the theme was that it was the essence of Asia in the heart of Arabia. Mr. Cattanach from the Aviation Club then declared how delighted they were at the Asiana hotel and how much gratitude he had for all that we had done. The band was very happy at the venue and that everything had gone well. The press conference then ended with some more questions for Ali Campbell followed by an autograph signing session and some photographs.

The Peace one Day concert then took place that evening. About Peace One Day is a charitable organisation, founded by British documentary filmmaker and actor Jeremy Gilley in September 1999, to promote the idea of one day a year free of conflict and war; one day of a global truce regardless of the conflict. On the 7th September 2001 the United Nations passed a further resolution declaring 21 September the ‘International Day of Peace’ with the additional aim of declaring a global ceasefire on a fixed day of the year.