Asiana Grand Buffet Has Arrived

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With the hotel now open over half a year the time was right to combine our three restaurants on the mezzanine floor of the hotel, Sonamu Korean restaurant, Hanabi Japanese restaurant and Jade Chinese restaurant for an extravagant buffet and a trip to the Far East.


While all three restaurants have been very popular, there are many guests who wanted some selections from each restaurant so now they have got their wish. Every Thursday and Friday evening from 18:00 – 22:30pm Asiana Hotel will showcase the three cuisines for a wonderful selection of devouring delicacies.

From entering the mezzanine floor guests will have the option of sitting in the restaurant of their choice and then moving between the three outlets to taking the dishes of their desire.

From Sonamu there is a live grill section which includes la galbi, beef rib eye, lamb chops and chili marinated chicken legs as well as a live seafood section including oysters, prawns and crab. In Hanabi we have the delightful Japanese favourites so feast yourselves on the sushi and sashimi stations which will include whole tuna, salmon, shrimps, squid and halibut as well as the favourite shabu-shabu station. Then in Jade you will find Peking duck, dim-sum and char-siew stations plus many other delicacies to finish your culinary journey of the Orient.

Once you have flavoured all the devouring dishes in the enchanting surroundings you will be sure to visit time and time again.